The true Recipe
Spaghetti of the Matriciana
Makes 4 servings

This famous dish in the world was the main meal of the many pastors who lived in the mountains in the border between Abruzzo and Lazio, near the city of Amatrice in the province of Rieti but prepared without tomato and pasta is also called the GRICIA.

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Iron Skillet.
400 Gr. High qualities spaghetti semolina pasta italian production.

Raccommended pasta Setaro n.12

250 Gr. Guanciale of Amatrice
NB: Don't use the bacon beacuse it's made from pork's belly and it's too salty and alters the flavor. The Guanciale is derived from snout of th pork. It's a more noble fat with more delicate taste and it's scented. This's the most important ingredient for preparation of Matriciana. Whit out this it's not Matriciana Sauce.

500 Gr. Casalino tomato also called Spagnoletta tomato, fresh, red and ripe. Alternatively is recommended a box of peeled tomatoes GRAZIELLA or SAN MARZANO.

150 Gr. Pecorino of Amatrice, the taste is very delicate, not salty and lightly spicy (Avoid pecorino romano because it’s too strong and salty. It alters the flavor)

1 Tablespoon of lard that was used, at the time, because its taste is sweet and delicate. It also served as lubrificant for iron pans ( do not use oli, with its acidity alters the flavor)

1 Red chili not too spicy

1 Handful of salt to pasta

Process of Matriciana

  • Cut the slices of guanciale into long strips, uniform and of the same thickness.
  • Scald the tomatoes Casalini in boiling water and then peleed it removing the central part and the seeds. Cut to pieces the tomatoes and place them into a bowl with their juice.
  • Grate the pecorino of Amatrice.
  • Put into a pan a tablespoon of lard so as to completely cover the bottom and let it warm over a high heat.
  • Then add, into the iron pan, the red chili pepper and the strips of guanciale turning them immediately with a wooden spoon.
  • Reduce the heat and fry the guanciale  for a few minutes, until it has reached the right coloring golden yellow.
  • Stop the frying pouring the tomato already prepared it into a iron pan. Cook the sauce for about 10 minutes, turning occasionally, until it reaches the right degree of density and fluidity.
  • When it will be cooked, remove the red chili and meanwhile drain the spaghetti not boiled too much and made to boil it earlier.
  • Pour the spaghetti in a dish, garnish it with some pecorino and serve it hot.